Sunday, November 6, 2011

the business of being in music

What we do with our lives and how we make money are big choices and usually are at the forefront of our thoughts in High School and College. As a college professor teaching music students, this question comes up a lot and I have to say, in this economy, it's a bleak picture.
BUT how can we discourage those deciding to have the kind of life we do as musicians? We get to delve into all kinds of wonderful music. From traditional classical with the greats of Haydn, Beethoven and Brahms to the newly composed (where the ink is still wet) and everything in between. Exploring great music and finding you voice and what we want to say about it, is a fantastic journey.
Musicians are creative and the great musicians recognize this and make decisions about every single note - that's our job!! That's what makes our music personal. Our goal should be to own the music, not just to play the notes, but to have a thought and a picture of what the notes say.
Everyone deserves a chance to try a life as a musician.